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RWBY- Charcoal Fan Trailer- WIP by Many9919 RWBY- Charcoal Fan Trailer- WIP :iconmany9919:Many9919 2 0 Fear's Home (Version 2) by Many9919 Fear's Home (Version 2) :iconmany9919:Many9919 3 2 Fear's Home (Version 1) by Many9919 Fear's Home (Version 1) :iconmany9919:Many9919 3 5 Character Rough Idea-Xanwu by Many9919 Character Rough Idea-Xanwu :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 11 Practice-Story Board/Comic Panel by Many9919 Practice-Story Board/Comic Panel :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 4 Drawing Practice-Mainly Girls by Many9919 Drawing Practice-Mainly Girls :iconmany9919:Many9919 0 2 Design Idea-Possibly Actually Make An OC? by Many9919 Design Idea-Possibly Actually Make An OC? :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 2 Idea-Gladiator: Mix and Match by Many9919 Idea-Gladiator: Mix and Match :iconmany9919:Many9919 0 2 Knight-Very First Rough Idea by Many9919 Knight-Very First Rough Idea :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 4 Smister-Color Test by Many9919 Smister-Color Test :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 0 Grace by Many9919 Grace :iconmany9919:Many9919 2 2 Klark De Sevage by Many9919 Klark De Sevage :iconmany9919:Many9919 2 0 OC-Brimstone-Color by Many9919 OC-Brimstone-Color :iconmany9919:Many9919 4 2 Cave-Man Warrior by Many9919 Cave-Man Warrior :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 7 OC-Brimstone by Many9919 OC-Brimstone :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 4 Crossover-Bleach/Naruto by Many9919 Crossover-Bleach/Naruto :iconmany9919:Many9919 1 0
My latest works that I've done and submitted.

Random Favourites

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Here are art pieces from other people that I like a lot.


:iconsnowiestbison: :iconakairosan: :iconthe-overcor: :icontaurmega-tyrant: :icongeneralbenkacomix: :iconorbbe: :iconunited1175:


So, I've been working on a kind of personal project for some time now. Been taking a while since my mind is being tortured by the last weeks of high school. :P
Personal hell aside, the project isn't digital or drawn; It's embroidery. It's amateur since I'm self taught, but it's not half bad. 
What I was wondering was if anyone would be interested in me putting that up and stuff like that, as a kind of 'Hand Made' section in my gallery. Plz let me know.
RWBY- Charcoal Fan Trailer- WIP
This is a fan art I've been thinking about for a while. Details have been nagging at me for proportions and angle, but I've got the basic idea down. Now all I have to do is do some touch-ups, color, add background, and I'm good to go!

Oh, and this character is NOT MINE, at all. This is by the amazing animator Mark Zhang, famous for his RWBY Fan-made Trailers. I suggest you check them out if you haven't already.
Link to his first video down below.

Watch order of the trailers from olderst to newets is;

Charcoal trailer here…
Fear's Home (Version 2)
"The root of all fear, be it rational or irrational, is born from misunderstanding. We fear what objects to our beliefs. Whatever threatens our feeling of security within our perception of what we consider to be true or pure fact.
So if, for example, fear was a person, they'd live in a home that would represent the core aspects of misunderstanding. It'd be surrounded by a vast space of ignorance, under the shadow the dark cloud of uncertainty.
Any windows or doors would lack any illumination, their depths holding untold hidden dangers, for almost nothing is more terrifying than the unknown."

Wow, okay. Can't believe I was able to do that whole philosophy thing above. Sometimes I really surprise myself.
Anyway, so here's the final version of this work. Surprised no one asked who the guy in the foreground was last upload. *Shrugs* Oh well, he'll be shown more and explained later anyway. 
Second digital art work I've done, and I can't wait to do more. I will probably still do hand drawn paper and pencil, but maybe mot as much.

Edit: Just fixed up the paragraph up at the top because it was missing a few words. Tweaked it a tiny bit, but still holds what I wanted to get across.
Fear's Home (Version 1)
"Nothing says 'home sweet home' quite like an abandoned building out in the middle of nowhere, under an ominous and foreboding dark cloud." He sighed happily. "Yup. Nothing beats being home."

So, what up people. Here is my first official digital drawing! It's a little lack luster for my tastes personally, but this is an older version I had earlier today. I'm working on a better version that will be up later sometime this week.
Well, this has been an interesting day. Celebrated a belated birthday with the family, cause school and work, and loved it. Saw a movie, went out to eat; but what made this day just a hundred times better was that I got a Wacom Drawing Pad-Thing-Whatever!
Now I can draw on my PC!!! Going to take some time to get used to it and learn what programs are compatible and all that. Excited as hell and can't wait to get up more better looking drawings. If anyone knows any cheep and easy drawing programs please let me know. I have a few things on my PC that are okay, but I need something that will help clean up lines and something with more colors.


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United States
Welcome one and all to my page. If you're reading this I assume you want to know a bit about me. I don't really know exactly what to say in this one little box. I'll do my best though.

I am a chill dude who wants to succeed by my own standards.
I can be as lade back as any Golden Cost Californian, or as wise and insightful as any philosopher. Not to brag of course.
I find myself to be a theatrical, dramatic, witty, and emotional person. This can lead to many good things, and a few bad, but I like to focus on the good.
I love seeing other peoples arts so feel free share some of your works, but know that it is my choice to watch or fav.
As creative as I am, I have a hard time coming up with ideas for what to draw. I would love to share ideas and brainstorm, and suggestions are always welcome.
That's about it. If there's anything else you'd like to know, or if you'd just like to talk, I'd be more than happy to converse. Notes is preferable, just to keep things clean and orderly.

Thanks for reading and have a great day/night.
A while back I gave a status update that mentioned a "note" I gave at the end of an assignment. It was for Economics BTW. The teacher was pushing us and drilling the point that, "This will help you in your future."

I just get so pissed hearing stuff like that! "Failing to plan, is planning to fail." That's good and all but seriously, some people -like myself- just can't plan ahead for big things like college or stuff like that! It just brings anxiety that makes me dig more in the hole of depression that I am already trying to crawl my way back out of. 

Inner-overly-dramatized-teen-drama aside... I was just feeling the anxt and decided to vent a bit and relax myself. Showing it to my friends, most of them loved it and encouraged me to turn it in. 
We were all aware I'd get in trouble, mind you, and they're not bad influences on me at all. I would have done it without them telling me to, but having them cheering me on helps. Plus, I've been sent to the offices enough times in the past to just roll with it with little to no cares. 

So, here is what I wrote;
Warning: Some cursing.

Statement of Learning
I learned absolutely nothing worth the time I spent on this bullshit assignment. I could have used this time to further my skills and talents, or to research ways to improve them more. Instead, I was made to to fucking "plan ahead" what I'd do when I graduated from high school and enter society as an adult.
This kind of shit is not my style. I play things by ear, one day at a time. If I worry about things too much I just self destruct. Better to be open and flexible for what happens to allow a calm mindset, rather than planning for details that I have no idea about and no control over to create tons of stress. 
So go ahead and give me the F, cause the F just stands for the "Fucks" I decided not to give this bullshit assignment.

There you have it. Part of the side of me when I get pissed! This is just the tip of the iceberg that is submerged very deep under the surface of the water. 

TBH, most of what I know from I learned from books and videos on Youtube. I'd say I have a good head on my shoulders, just I prefer to be up in the clouds more. School has done little to teach me anything that has significantly impacted me for the better. I honestly don't see the point some of the things that they force us to endure in those hours of hell. We're basically locked up in a prison for the first two decades of our lives.
It's worse for me cause our school is old, mostly concrete, with metal doors, and without many windows anywhere in the classrooms!
My only saving grace in that pit of unhappiness is the friends I have there. It's sad that most of my human contact comes from that place. 
*Sigh* I digress, for now. Save the rant for another day.

So, do you thing I went overboard, or was I too gentle? If you were in my shoes, would you have done the same, or would you have sucked it up and just done the assignment? I'm curious to know, but you don't have to say.
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