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Fear's Home (Version 2) by Many9919 Fear's Home (Version 2) by Many9919
"The root of all fear, be it rational or irrational, is born from misunderstanding. We fear what objects to our beliefs. Whatever threatens our feeling of security within our perception of what we consider to be true or pure fact.
So if, for example, fear was a person, they'd live in a home that would represent the core aspects of misunderstanding. It'd be surrounded by a vast space of ignorance, under the shadow the dark cloud of uncertainty.
Any windows or doors would lack any illumination, their depths holding untold hidden dangers, for almost nothing is more terrifying than the unknown."

Wow, okay. Can't believe I was able to do that whole philosophy thing above. Sometimes I really surprise myself.
Anyway, so here's the final version of this work. Surprised no one asked who the guy in the foreground was last upload. *Shrugs* Oh well, he'll be shown more and explained later anyway. 
Second digital art work I've done, and I can't wait to do more. I will probably still do hand drawn paper and pencil, but maybe mot as much.

Edit: Just fixed up the paragraph up at the top because it was missing a few words. Tweaked it a tiny bit, but still holds what I wanted to get across.
Taurmega-Tyrant Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student General Artist
I didn't ask who he is because I thought I already knew.
Looking at him again, I suppose I really don't, heh.
ORBBE Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Far better than the first.
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